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Here is a short taste of what the mrepo CLI interface can do.


For a more detailed description, please visit the technical documentation of the tool.

Create new mono-repository

A new mono-repository can be created just by calling a single command in any empty target directory:

mrepo new

Create new content inside

Creating the new content is simple, and it will help set up the correct structure.

Get information

You can use the tool to learn which Nuget packages are used and which versions, where the project is referenced, and even outside the repository as a Nuget package. Get the exact dependency tree, usages, get a version, and much more.

Build any subtree

By calling a single command from any place in the repository. The MsBuild will be triggered, and the corresponding subtree will be built. Or set custom scripts for your custom content.

mrepo build [--clean|restore|build|test|pack|run]

Prepare release + notes

A possibility to fully automate releases and release notes, just with the help of git history and clean commits.

# initiate the step-by-step release process
mrepo release
# when finished, you can generate a release tag
mrepo release tag

Released under the MIT License.