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Road map of Splatform

A road map to version 1.0 and peak to the future.

Version 1.0

  • basic annotations and configuration
  • serverless API for two main actors: storyteller, supervisor
  • simple command-line interface as the primary UI
  • SPA with graph visualization of the ecosystem
  • async message queue for supervisor

Version 1.1

  • introduce a unit annotation and scheduled jobs
  • API for the scheduler + new command in CLI
  • message bus for receiving jobs triggers from the scheduler
  • configure an API gateway for all 2S platform APIs

Version 1.2

  • powerfull SDK for any .NET application
  • handy toolkit for serverless applications
  • core runtime packages for Azure and Durable functions

Version 1.3

  • accessible and searchable supervisor's stream in the SPA
  • AI for detecting anomalies in the ecosystem runtime events
  • detailed SDKs for all actors

Released under the MIT License.