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Introduction to the mono repository

I'm trying to solve the problem of a mono repository for the .net platform and come up with a suite of handy tools and recommendations on managing a large codebase, versioning, releasing, and code standards in a simple way.


You should ❤ mono-repository.

Monorepo ≠ monolith❗

It is possible to manage a large codebase of multiple projects in a centralized, standardized, and sustainable way.

Everything is built around the developer's most favorite tool Git, versioning and releasing + release notes are generated based on Git's history of commits. The served tool is a CLI called mrepo with an MIT license and an open-source codebase that is the same for all the other tools on this website. Here is a list of the most elemental features:

  • centralized dependency management
  • git-based versioning
  • git-based releasing with automatically generated release notes
  • support for code standards and code analyzers
  • a basic support for custom scripting
  • recommendations on:
    • how to manage and define infrastructure
    • how to do technical documentation

To see examples and the tool in action, go to CLI section.


To know more, please visit my monorepo with all my projects, where you can find all the code and content of these websites. The detailed documentation around the mrepo CLI is located here.

Released under the MIT License.